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Arabic Union Catalog Journey

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Individuals' packages

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The individual packages offer a variety of training courses that can be of value to students, researchers, and specialists.

Arab publisher's membership

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It is an annual membership to the Unified Arab Catalog directed at publishing institutions that enables them to benefit from a variety of services in order to market their publications and support

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Libraries & organizations membership

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Arabic Union Catalog provides libraries with a comprehensive package of essential services. Libraries with catalogs of all types will find this package useful. Members of the Union Arabic Catalog receive original cataloging, download cataloging records, add local data, and reference services

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Arab authors' membership

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The Arab Author's Service is a free online service offered by the Arab Union Catalog. It is designed for Arab authors and creators in all fields of knowledge, technical expertise, and artistic expression.

Services for Libraries & Organizations

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Providing advanced training in all facets of technical work (Cataloging, authority files, and

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In this service, the Arabic Union Catalog catalogs library collections are not currently included in

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The purpose of this service is to update and enrich the authority data of member libraries. The

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- This is a unique and innovative service not offered by any other Arab institution currently. - The

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Provide specialized bibliographies in specific fields and subjects requested by the interested

Support for classification upgrades, whether upgrading from one edition of the Dewey Decimal System