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The latest international standards and experiences were adopted in developing the AUC database. This was particularly relevant when describing bibliographic data and formulating authority entries while considering Arabic book specifications as well as Arab and Islamic cultures. These specifications are:

  • Adopt and Arabize all MARC 21 standard formats (bibliographic, authority, Dewey classification data, acquisition data).
  • Adopt the updated Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (AARC) for the second revised edition, 2002 revision, and 2005 updates.
  • Adopt RDA rules as a standard for describing bibliographic and authoritative records.
  • Adopt the Arab Guide to cataloging rules using the RDA according to the 2016 MARC 21 standard.
  • Adopt the Practical Guide to RDA Authority Control Rules for Names according to the 2017 MARC 21 standard.
  • Develop technical practices tailored to RDA rules to suit Arabic and ancient heritage books.
  • Adopt the Arabic Dewey Decimal Classification Plan, 21st edition.
  • Establish standard rules for creating subject authority files, entity names, personal names, uniform titles, and series. These rules are based on international rules and regulations, especially RDA rules and Library of Congress practices.