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Service Channels
Service completion time

2 - 5 days

Providing advanced training in all facets of technical work (Cataloging, authority files, and classification of various types of materials according to the international standards and latest updates) is part of the advanced training service. This is done based on the request of member libraries that have a high level of confidence in the catalog as a leader in the field of technical work.

Specifications and Properties

Cataloging experts prepare training courses tailored to catalogers' needs.

Topics are regularly updated following current cataloging standards and techniques.

Highly skilled educators with more than ten years of experience in technical fields.

The rich training materials are carefully and systematically designed to provide trainees with the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Training courses are designed based on the actual needs of librarians in different libraries.

A comprehensive annual program aims to offer a range of courses that complement one another within the context of the stated training year objectives.

The Arabic Union Catalog's Database is applied practically in all courses, providing the cataloger with the necessary practical experience.

Requirements for obtaining the service

The member can register to attend one of the courses listed in the annual program. Or, they can request a specialized training course for their office only.