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Privacy Policy


The Arabic Union Catalog realized the importance of protecting the privacy of all data relating to the users of the catalog Web Services www.aruc.org. So we have created the following rules of procedure with emphasis on our commitment and appreciation to the privacy rights of our users. 

The main goal of the AUC behind the collection of the website users data is to provide customized services to each user. The website of AUC may obtain the data that may be considered personal which the user will write it  whenever he wants to use some of the services that the AUC website provides, such as those that require pre-registration or that are provided to communicate with the catalog. Note that a number of catalog services on the Internet requires registration as a term of use. As soon as you register, you will be recognized, according to the data that you have entered on the registration page. 

Personally Identifiable Information

This is information that a user of the Union Arabic Catalog website writes when he registers (application for membership of the catalog) through the application page for membership. 

The Arabic Union Catalog collects other information

Once you visit the site, our server records your IP address, date, time of visit and the URL of any website that transfer you to us. Most websites put a small file on the client's hard drive. This is called cookies and cookies are text files. Some sites where you visit, put it on your hard drive. These text files contain information that allows the site to retrieve it  in case of need  while the next user  visiting the site. 
The browser may not have to enter the password at each visit as the system will be able to detect it through cookies. On this basis, our site will use the information in the cookies for its own technical purposes when it was visited more than once. the website can change the information within cookies or add new information whenever you visit our site. 
Like other websites, our website uses standard web technologies and servers to collect and record information about the use of our website. This information may include date and time of the visit, the pages which are visited, the time which is spent on our site, and other sites that are visited immediately before and after our site. All of this information generally and totally include all visitors. None of this information is associated with you personally as an individual. 
In general, you do not need to activate this feature to visit the catalog site (but some services may be affected if cookies are not activated). You have the right not to allow to cookies by following some options in your browser. 
How do we use the information that we collect?

We use your personal information to provide you with the information or content that you request, and in some cases to communicate with you about our software, products, features or services. If you no longer want to receive such information from us, you may notify us through "Contact Us" or via Email. 
We use the overall general information that we collect from our site for better understanding of your needs as a user, to improve the level of service, and increase our enjoyment of browsing the site. For example, we may use this information to improve the design and content of our site or to analyze and review our products and services. 

The Arabic Union Catalog only allow access to your personal information in the following cases:

The Catalog may provide data that is personal to service providers who are accredited by the Arabic Union Catalog, government agencies or individuals in the following circumstances:

•  For the purpose of providing the services which are provided by the Arabic Union Catalog to its members.

• If we have a commitment with or license to some companies or entities to work with or on behalf of the catalog to provide a service that is provided by the catalog.

• Upon the request of the judicial or security authority   


Please, note that the Arabic Union Catalog is not responsible for the content and privacy policies of websites, links or its advertiser websites which are available by the Arabic Union Catalog. The catalog takes all the precautions  which  are necessary to preserve your data, but only in accordance with the conditions set forth in this document and as required by the requirements of the Arabic Union Catalog services to its members. Please, contact us via email mentioned below if you have any questions related to this privacy statement.  


Complaints and Warnings

If there are content  you believe that it has been presented in any way on the Arabic Union Catalog site or you are the original copyright holder of this content and you believe that it has not been submitted in a proper manner or it may violate your rights related to this content, please contact us via email [email protected]