What is your opinion about AL-Fahras services?

"It is a collaborative libraries project to save time and efforts and to standardize practices. It is one of the best libraries projects in the Arab World. It has been awarded some prizes in specialized library conferences and forums."

Prof. Emad Aboughazi

epartment of Library and Information Science - Cairo University and Former Egyptian Minister of Culture

"This project is considered one of the best libraries projects in the Arab World, which will return all the good to Arab researchers. It provides a good mental image about the Arab World in the field of literature and scientific production. It represents one of the most important initiatives in the field of Arab-Arab cultural cooperation. This project emphasizes on that the leaders of King Abdul Aziz Public Library enjoy a high level of awareness of access this literature to Arab citizens in everywhere by providing the Arab political will the ability to create informational and cultural cooperation. Moreover, it introduces many benefits in standardizing practices of technical processes and reinforcing the cooperation mechanisms between libraries."

Prof. Zein Abdelhadi

Head of Department of Library and Information Science, Helwan University, Former Head of the Egyptian National Library

"This project is a pride to all Arabs; it is a great achievement which has begun as miniature project with a few memberships of some Arab public and university libraries. Over time, it has been developed and grown; consequently, it has sparkled us with positive statistics and numbers. I invite all libraries, with their different types, which did not participate in the membership of this project to get involved in it since it brings real benefits to all levels of libraries and knowledge all over the Arab World."

Prof. Hosam Muhammed Sultan El`alma

Director of National Research Foundation - United Arab Emirates, Former Dean of Library Affairs, the United Arab Emirates University

"The dream has come true by launching the Arabic Union Catalog (AUC) which inspired a huge leap in the field of technical processes and their functions in libraries. Therefore, Arabs' attention has been drawn to the AUC Center to achieve the greatest dream which entices libraries in the Arab World by converting traditional Arab libraries to digital ones. As a result, these libraries can be in the line with the technological boom we live and which impacts current and future generation. The only way to accomplish this is by the AUC efforts which are always outstanding."

Prof. Mansour Sarhan

Head of the Bahrain National Library - Isa Cultural Center