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Members of the Arabic Union Catalog are continually communicated with, supported, and assisted in maximizing their use of the Arabic Union Catalog. A live training course was conducted on the Arabic Union Catalog's live line for the Tunisian National Library on Wednesday, 10-2-2016.

The Head of Technical Operations attended the course. During the course, two parts were covered:

An overview of the Arabic Union Catalog portal, including all search tools and features, and how to use the Arabic Union Catalog interface.

Secondly, describe in detail the search, download, and original cataloging capabilities, how to use them, and how to fully benefit from them. Examples are provided whenever possible.

The course is presented by Ms. Yasmin Ali, the General Coordinator of the Arabic Union Catalog. This training course was highly appreciated by the National Library of Tunisia.

Our sincere thanks go out to all the library staff members for their excellent understanding, responsiveness, and willingness to work diligently. Everyone is welcomed and appreciated.

Continuing to provide training courses for members is in Allah's will. AUC membership benefits will be maximized with our assistance.

By Allah's grace, we hope that communication and utilization will be continuous.

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