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Doha, Qatar, will host the 27th Annual Conference and Exhibition of the Specialized Libraries Association - Gulf Branch, in collaboration with the Qatar National Library, from March 5th to 7th, 2024, under the theme "Utilizing Intelligent Technologies in the Environment of Libraries and Specialized Information Institutions."

This event aims to discuss the latest developments and trends in the technology world and their impact on libraries and information sciences. It provides a platform for dialogue and exchange of experiences among professionals and specialists to explore innovations and best practices in the field.


Conference Themes:


  1. Content Management (Acquisitions and Collections).
  2. Interactive User Engagement and Information Sources.
  3. Information Security and Artificial Intelligence Applications in Information Institutions.
  4. Intelligent Cities and Libraries of the Future.
  5. Keeping Academic and Professional Programs in Libraries and Information Fields up to Date with Smart Technologies.
  6. Opportunities, Challenges, and Risks in Deploying Artificial Intelligence Technologies.



As part of the conference program, Dr. Saleh Al-Musnad, Director of the Arabic Union Catalog (ArUC), will present a paper titled "Developments in Implementing the Bibliographic Framework Plan," providing an overview of the technological and technical developments in implementing the bibliographic framework plan at the Arabic Union Catalog (ArUC), highlighting the innovations and technologies included in the plan to enhance the quality and efficiency of indexing and information retrieval.


It's worth noting that the ArUC will be present at the conference booth during its duration, providing participants with the opportunity for direct interaction about the latest technologies and practices related to the field.


Thus, the conference becomes an excellent opportunity for the exchange of experiences and knowledge among experts and stakeholders in the field of libraries and information, enhancing the role of intelligent technologies in developing this vital sector.