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On the evening of Monday, January 25, 2016, the Kuwaiti Libraries Network Portal was inaugurated under the patronage of the Minister of Information, and Minister of State for Youth Affairs, and the President of the National Council for Culture, Arts, and Letters in the State of Kuwait, Sheikh Salman Sabah Salem Al-Humoud Al-Sabah. In addition, the presence of eminent personalities such as the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Kuwait, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Ibrahim Al-Fayez, the Cultural Attaché Abdulmohsen bin Othman Al-Shubanah, the Director of the Arabic Union Catalog Center, Dr. Saleh Al-Musnad, and the Director-General of the Kuwait National Library, Dr. Kamil Abduljalil graced the event. The ceremony was attended by a gathering of intellectuals and writers excited to witness this historic moment.


The King Abdulaziz Public Library's General Library provides comprehensive support for infrastructure programs in libraries and information. Their efforts are focused on the Arabic Union Catalog, which encompasses Arab intellectual production, both published and unpublished, and is available in Arab and foreign libraries. There are over two million records in the bibliographic database, which adhere to international specifications and standards. The event has attracted the participation of more than 528 institutions, including thousands of libraries. These collective efforts are making significant contributions to the cultural and human development of the Arab world.


integration into the Arabic Union Catalog is a significant milestone in Arab intellectual cooperation in cataloging and books. He also said that the King Abdulaziz Public Library's generosity and considerable support from our brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reaffirm the unity of the Arab cultural destiny and the significance of cultural exchange among Arab countries. Furthermore, he emphasized that we should always work to support our youth in this critical phase the Arab world is experiencing through.

This portal will provide researchers, intellectuals, and anyone interested in Arabic books with the simplest means through technology and the Internet because the Kuwait National Library operates it.

During his speech, Dr. Saleh Al-Musnad emphasized the importance of the Arabic Union Catalog in building the human knowledge that we share with nations and serving the aspirations of our youth. The Catalog is a model of cooperation among Arab countries and is crucial in supporting Arab culture and Islamic heritage. The Center has taken consistent and accelerated steps to bring Arab libraries and their workers to the ranks of advanced countries. As a result, developing countries recognize the value of libraries and rely on them for supporting culture, dialogue, and scientific research. Looking to the future, we understand the importance of building the human knowledge we share with nations and the role the Arabic Union Catalog will play in achieving this goal.Bottom of Form

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