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The revised membership policy of the Arabic Union Catalog was discussed at a working meeting on the 24th of Muharram, 1438 AH (October 25th, 2016). A technical presentation was given by Dr. Saleh Al-Musnad, director of the Arabic Union Catalog Center. This is based on a study of the library landscape in the Arab world and new catalog orientations. In addition, it includes an analysis of industry trends. In the presentation, the catalog's quality standards were discussed in terms of maintaining their high service standard. As well as providing best practices, it can make the latest technologies available to members and their libraries.

Several of the center's Arab members were invited to contribute to developing the updated membership policy. Members were asked to provide their opinions on membership segments and how they can support the Arabic Union Catalog. We discussed the draft membership policy and expressed our views before the meeting.

During the meeting, participants agreed that the Arabic Union Catalog should be self-sufficient and provided valuable feedback on the proposed policy. Upon review of the policy, it was agreed that the center would make appropriate changes. Participants in the meeting included:

  • Dr. Adnan Al-Sharif from Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Khaled Al-Habshi from Tunisia
  • Dr. Abdullah Al-Shaya from Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Saif Al-Jabri from Oman
  • Dr. Awad Othmaneh from Jordan
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