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Continuing the Arab Union Catalog's activities and events, we are pleased to announce the launch of the "Knowledge Program for the Arab Union Catalog." This program consists of a series of live webinars and courses delivered by Arab media professionals and specialists. Throughout this program, the Arab Union Catalog will continue to offer live webinars covering topics such as technology, trends in knowledge and library management, information organization processes, and the introduction of new Arab Union Catalog services and initiatives. A team of Arab Union Catalog consultants and technicians will present these webinars.

We invite you to "Ramadan Evenings with the Catalog" every Saturday and Wednesday at 11:00 PM Riyadh time (10:00 PM Cairo time, 9:00 PM Algiers time), and every Sunday at 1:00 PM Riyadh time (12:00 PM Cairo time, 11:00 AM Algiers time).

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