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The Middle East Studies Institute Library in Washington is conducting a training course in the ongoing effort toward the Arabic Union Catalog. Members of the AUC will be able to communicate with us and receive support fully supporting their use of the AUC possible.

Using the Arabic Union Catalog portal, the Arabic Union Catalog provided a training course online for the Middle East Institute library. This explained search capabilities, downloading, and original cataloging in detail. The presenter is Mr. Mustafa Ragab, Coordinator of Member Libraries at the Arabic Union Catalog.


The Middle East Institute Library in Washington was represented by Ms. Amal Morsi. An overview of the Middle East Institute Library in Washington: The current name of the library is "Omani Library at the Middle East Institute."

This museum is in Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States of America. The Omani Embassy in Washington generously assisted with its reopening in 2013. Previously, the organization had been closed due to insufficient funding. "George Camp Keiser," the institute's founder, established the library in 1947 along with the Middle East Institute. It was one of its most significant scientific contributions.

As of 2008, it provided abundant knowledge and information to assist researchers and scholars.

The library has nearly 22,000 different information resources, including books, journals, digital articles, films, and rare photos. These resources cover a wide range of geographical regions, including all Arab countries, Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkey related to Middle Eastern topics. In addition, various information sources are available in the library, including Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Old Turkish, English, French, German, Spanish, and Urdu. Other languages, including Hebrew and Syriac, are also represented.

Many manuscripts are also in various languages, including some rare Arabic manuscripts. In addition to general collections, the library has a rare book collection, an Omani collection, a collection of biographies of Arab celebrities and writers, and general reference collections.

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