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Offsite Cataloging

This service is offered by the Arabic Union Catalog (AUC) and represented in cataloging collections of the library that its bibliographic records are not included in the AUC database. Whereas, several of the AUC members do not have the ability to catalog their bibliographic records through the AUC portal, but rather, they want the AUC to perform this job on their behalf. This service includes processing the newly acquired information resources, e.g., books, periodicals, and audio-visual materials. But, processing manuscripts is not included in this service.

Specifications and Properties

High quality bibliographic records as per the cutting-edge international standards.

On demand bibliographic records according to the new cataloging rules (RDA) or AACR2.

Classifying as per Dewey Decimal System, 21st edition. But, if the library wants to apply Library of Congress Classification, it would be available with additional fees.

Normalized and standardized authority entries as per the AUC practices.

Processing in record time.

Requirements for obtaining the service

Send a Remote Cataloging Service form filling up all its inclusions. Accordingly, a FTP Transfer interface would be provided to the library to upload the required pages on the system. Alternatively, the library is asked to send Excel sheets including the necessary cataloging data, and thus, in return, the processing can be performed and the bibliographic records would be sent back as an attached file to an email.