What is your opinion about AL-Fahras services?


Analytical evaluation reports are produced in response to a library's Arabic collections' coverage in broad and specific knowledge areas by comparing them to collections of libraries within the same field based on freshness, diversity of content, and multiple sources, as determined by the library requesting the service. Libraries must be members, or it is possible to get their database. In addition, the catalog will provide a list of compatible catalog members with the type of library being evaluated as the first option. The Arabic Union Catalog Database should be the standard comparison unit.


The Nature of the Service:

The Catalog provides the service according to the customer's preference in the following manner:

  • Library collection analyses are based on the desired direction of the library (external benchmarking or internal collection analysis). The report will include charts and illustrations generated at intervals determined by the requesting library or as a one-time service.
  • The identification of comparable libraries that can be used as benchmarks for comparison.
  • Based on comparative analyses of similar libraries, providing reference lists and sources to address deficiencies in library collections.

Related services:

  • Collection supply and development.
  • Implementation of development projects to improve collections in libraries.