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"The Arabic Union catalog is considered an exemplar of strengthening bonds of Arab joint cooperation; as well as an ideal situation applied in reality, a complete fact, and a realized wish. We hope all Arab economic, social, health and athletic organizations act as same as what has been performed in the AUC; especially, the process of scientific research which a lot of Arab countries deprive from."

Prof. Hanan Malkawi

Head of Altamayouz Center - Jordan and Vice President of Yarmouk University – Jordan

"Observers for the beginning of the Arabic Union Catalog since its launching in 2007 assert that it would be a successful project. All indicators were pointing out to success because preparation to this project was carefully studied and planned. Also, this preparation took its sufficient time; moreover, some experts and scholars who are renowned for their scientific expertise and high-professional efficiency have contributed to it. Besides, there are so many direct positives achieved through the AUC; in addition to indirect positives which represent the actual added value of the AUC at the informational Arab level"

Prof. Ahmed Elmerghani

Dean of Library Affairs at the National Ribat University – Sudan

"The Arabic Union Catalog is considered a cultural phenomenon and urgent need the Arab libraries, with their different types and formats, are looking forward to. Whereas, the AUC represents an union window to all Arab catalogs; as well as a knowledge and intellectual resource which includes all different types and formats of Arabic information resources. The AUC is considered a virtual training environment and subjective and practical tool which provides the opportunity to train on it as well"

Prof. Muhammed Assakri

Head of Department of Information Studies – Sultan Qaboos University – Oman

"I did not imagine that this project has been come true and performed by an Arab country due to the large number of Arab countries and Arabic books. I find it an opportunity of requesting the cooperation with the Arabic Union Catalog Project in China provided that the visiting Chinese delegation represents the AUC there and cataloging the Islamic books in China is carried out in Arabic"

Dr. Be Yan Hu

Vice-President of the Chinese Yellow River Publishing and Media Company