AUC Iraqi libraries symposium at the University of Jordan

AUC Iraqi libraries symposium at the University of Jordan

Emplacement : Jordan

Date de début
23 février 2014

Date de fin
25 février 2014
AUC Iraqi libraries symposium at the University of Jordan
Place at the University of Jordan in Amman, Jordan, "Thoracic nerves Iraqi libraries Seminar" in cooperation between Thoracic nerves and Arabian Advanced Systems (texture) has targeted to attend the seminar of 42 managers and officials and Mfihrsa libraries and information centers in Iraq. The seminar was aimed at introducing the unified Arab the index and to encourage Iraqi libraries to engage in its membership, and access to its services and highlighted his future plans, as well as inventory Iraqi intellectual production and attached to the Thoracic nerves and seeking more of it so as to contribute to the enrichment of its contents and to benefit from the base. The opening of both d ceremony attended. Khalif Tarawneh president of the University of Jordan, D. Muhannad ovaries Jordan University library director, who expressed their full happiness hosted by the University of Jordan Library for this prestigious symposium brothers Iraqis and those hosting the seminar emphasizes the University of Jordan's contribution in building the knowledge and build bridges of communication between the Arab and Islamic peoples through knowledge production and transfer of expertise through research tools live up to the scientific . And the University of Jordan Library so is the house of a refined experience of Iraqi libraries to strengthen its expertise in Thoracic nerves. D noted. Saleh Al-Missned Thoracic nerves project manager to index the adoption of the best international standards and most prestigious international experiences to create the base of bibliographic files retaining within what improves control the process, and expressed the hope that the result of this symposium full realization of the benefits provided by the Thoracic nerves which, when expressed representative of the fabric of the company, Mr. Wajdi Tahmosh keen management company to disseminate knowledge and contribute to the development of the information society in the Arab world through pace with the times and take advantage of technological advances to collect, organize and transmit knowledge and information. It is worth mentioning that the seminar had lasted for three days during the period from 23 to 25 February 2014. Included 5 scientific sessions in addition to a training course entitled "technical procedures Unified Arab Index and practices inhalers" In addition to organizing a visit for the participants to visit the University of Science and Technology in Jordan for the modern library building and management systems, protection and automated systems used.

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