AUC at National seventeenth Conference of the Egyptian Society

AUC at National seventeenth Conference of the Egyptian Society

Emplacement : EGYPT

Date de début
25 novembre 2014

Date de fin
27 novembre 2014
AUC at National seventeenth Conference of the Egyptian Society
AUC participated in the Seventeenth National Congress of the Egyptian Society for libraries and information under the heading "transition to a knowledge-based society in libraries and information centers Egyptian" Through the exhibition, in Rehab Zagazig University in the period from 25 to November 27, 2014. It is worth mentioning that the Thoracic nerves exhibition received great response from Messrs Visitors, which Snh unique opportunity to exchange views and knowledge of trends librarians Egyptians toward the index services and that they expressed their happiness and pride of the existence of such services in the Arab world and permanent quest to develop and introduce more of them by the index As well as the honor of the index donated visitors a variety of materials serve the office work, for example, 1. Mliser disc includes: A set of tools important Arab indexed references, which had published the index and make available as well as free of charge via the gate, including: absorb MARC bibliographic indexing machine readable-branching Free Subject Headings-branching restrictive stereotypes warheads-year Searchlight free ramifications restricted branching Balras stereotype-MARC 21 Classification of data fields-MARC list of 21 data fields Collectibles-MARC list of 21 data fields Alastnadaah-MARC 21 list of bibliographic data fields list B videos explaining the use of the gate and search services and downloads (indexing transmitted) and load (Original cataloging) 2. publications illustrate the conclusion reached by the Arab Index in 2014 to the arrival of its members in 1675 represented 25 countries, including the library in addition to Arab countries participated European libraries as well as libraries of the United States and Malaysia. 3. The numbers (from 27 to 29) of the record magazine published periodically quarterly and discuss all that is new and advanced in the field of library and information. This has resulted in the signing of a number of participating documents Subscribe by distinct views between a university and a specialized school, which we hope to benefit from the Thoracic nerves services fully take advantage.

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