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The Arabic Union Catalog website which consists of an unlimited number of pages.  It is managed by the Arabic Union Catalog ©. It is a non-profit organization which dedicated to serve the world's culture and knowledge institutions. The Arabic Union Catalog can make products available through this website or any other site (mobile phone applications, software, etc ...)  as it deems fit to achieve its goals. Therefore, the website of the catalog and the services that it contains are available to you on condition of accepting it, literally and without reservation or interpretation of the following terms of use: 


- The catalog may change the terms and conditions of use without prior notice and the user shall periodically review these terms. The continued use of the website after posting any changes means approval of such changes.

• Intellectual Property Rights: The catalog site and the tools which are available through it   has the full property right for the Arabic Union Catalog and for its authorities according to the trademark and property rights protection agreements; any information or tools are provided by the user becomes as a part of the catalog site and subject to its terms.

• Private Use: The Arabic Union Catalog shall not allow to modify, copy, distribute, publish, sell, or make available of any information, service or product which are obtained through this website even it is signing the relevant agreement with the Arabic Union Catalog.

• Fair Use: Any reproduction or printing of content available on the Arabic Union Catalog site is permitted within the scope of fair use and any use goes beyond these limits that requires the approval of the Arabic Union Catalog.

• Service Warranty: The Arabic Union Catalog does its best to ensure the continued availability and accessibility of the website. The Arabic Union Catalog assumes no liability of any kind - it may result from interruption, weakness or difficulty in accessing to the site.

• Liability Waiver: Your using of the Arabic Union Catalog website in any form means that you are obligation to admit of the Arabic Union Catalog waiver from any liability in any way that may arise from the manner, substance or reality of what you have used on this Site, it means that you agree that the Arabic Union Catalog and all its employees, owners or affiliates will not be liable at any time for any reason for your use of the information or services which are obtained from this Site.

 • Links: This site may contain links to other sites. These sites are subject to their own terms of use.

• The Third Party: The Arabic Union Catalog has no obligation to the user with a third party, including advertisers on the catalog site.

• Use of Communication Tools: This site  may contain forums, mailing lists, conversation groups. You are committed to use these tools within the framework of the Arabic Union Catalog Services and are committed not to use them for defamation or any infringement of others' rights. 

 • Unauthorized Use: Data collection programs are strictly prohibited from accessing to the contents of the site, and use of the mailing address collection software is prohibited.