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about membership

This subscription includes the following services :

· Original cataloging.

· Downloading cataloging records.

· Adding local data.

· Reference services.

· Services of technical support.

A library must fill in the online subscription form and send it directly to the AUC administration attached by a random sample of its bibliographic records located in its local databases.

 Consequently, the library can be approved and given an approval number; otherwise, it is being disapproved as a member.

Participated libraries are currently welcome to print out the membership form attached by the type of subscription, and then they send them to the following mail:

King Abdulaziz Public Library, Khres Branch, Second Floor, Riyadh – King Abdullah Fistrict – Khres Road, in front of the General Headquarter of the National Guard – beside King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz Foundation Dedicated to his Parents for Development Housing.

P. O. BOX 86486
Riyadh 11622
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Opening an account :

After receiving the membership request, the AUC creates a membership certificate to the library. As a result, an account can be opened to the library so as it can benefit from the AUC system. A demo account can be sent as well to train the library's catalogers to use the AUC. Then, the certificate, the account, the manuals, the publications, the documents that guarantee a positive exploitation of the AUC will be sent to the library. All data of the demo account will be sent via email.


Participated libraries :

This type does not require to having a committee approval, but it is suffice to fill in a membership request form only and send it to the AUC administration of subscriptions to become a participated library. Hence, an account will be opened by click here and fill in the form to download a membership request form.

In the context of launching the new operational phase of the Arabic Union Catalog (AUC) as a platform for knowledge services, the AUC has begun to applying the subscription fees as of January 1st, 2017. These subscription fees came according to what has been previously approved by the AUC Council and reached by the AUC Committee of the Subscription Policy consisted of the AUC members from all over the Arab World.

Whereas, the AUC Council and this AUC Committee have affirmed that the fees must be activated to support the AUC services by its own income. 

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