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books bibliographic records of a library from AACR2 to RDA rules including a change in the level of MARC format, i.e., fields, subfields, indicators, and fixed-length fields. This also includes the change performed to the bibliographic data, e.g., deleting abbreviations, and adding newly developed tags. The service also guarantees the automatic conversion to abbreviations, fields, subfields, and positions applying the required quality control.


Specifications and Properties

A newly leading and developed service that no such assistance is currently provided by any other Arab organization.

A service that lets the Arabic libraries to be consistent with the cutting-edge developments in the field of technical services.

A service that conforms to the state-of-the-art standards in cataloging and classification, and guarantees upgrading to the level of the new descriptive cataloging rules and their all requirements on the level of updating MARC21.

Creating bibliographic relationships for the first time in the ongoing process of the retrospective conversion to the new cataloging rules (RDA).

Getting a full conversion with the highest level of quality in record time.

Accompanying the library during the use of the new database to facilitate the conversion of the new rules.

Requirements for obtaining the service

Cataloging according to RDA rules.

Upgrading the applied MARC records.

Reclassification Service