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This service provides evaluative and analytical reports on the coverage range of the Arabic collections of a library in wide or narrow knowledge fields. These reports are performed according to standards that relate to the novelty, variety of collections, and diversity of information resources of the library in comparison to other libraries in the same field identified by the library requested this service. Importantly, to get this service, the library should be an AUC member or, alternatively, there is a possibility to have its bibliographic database, with introducing a list of the AUC members which are similar to the type of the library that is being evaluated as a primary choice so as the AUC database be the norm of the comparison.

Specifications and Properties

Analytical reports on the current state of the library collections according to the desired action of the library, i.e., external reference match or internal analysis to the library collections. These reports are supported by charts and illustrations issued for one time only or periodically over periods specified by the library which requests the service.

In case of carrying out an external reference match, a list of similar library is identified as a reference to the comparison.

Providing references lists to address the defect existed in the collections upon the reports resulting from the comparison to the similar libraries.