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Service Channels
Service completion time

2 - 5 days

It is a service of introducing an integrating collection of advanced training courses in all kinds of the technical work, i.e., bibliographic processing, authority control, and classification to all types of the information resources according to the highest level of the international standards and latest updates. This service is offered upon a request from the member libraries which have a great confidence on the AUC leadership in the field of technical processing of information resources.

Specifications and Properties

Training courses prepared by cataloging experts and directed to catalogers.

State-of-the-art topics introduced as per the cutting-edge developments in the world of standardization and cataloging techniques.

Over ten years experienced and professional trainers in all kinds of the technical work field.

A rich training portfolio methodically and carefully prepared in such a way that introduces the scientific materials which enables trainees to get the expected skills from the training course.

Prepared training courses upon the real needs of the catalogers of all kind of libraries.

An annual training program that integrates various training courses upon an announced aim of the training year.

A practical application on the AUC database during the training courses, which provides the practical experience needed to the catalogers.

Requirements for obtaining the service

Register in an announced training course of the annual training program, or

Order a customized training course specifically designed upon the given requirements of your library.

Requirements to fulfill the service



Service fulfillment procedure