Launching the Kuwait Libraries Portal

Launching the Kuwait Libraries Portal

01 July 2017


Under the patronage of Sheikh Salman Sabah AlSalem Alhamoud Alsabah, who doubles as the Kuwaiti Minister of Information, Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Chairman of the Kuwait National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, and in the presence of Dr. Abdulaziz Ibn Ibrahim Alfayez, the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Kuwait, Abdulmohsen Ibn Othman Alshabana, the Saudi Cultural Attaché in Kuwait, Dr, Saleh Almusned, Director of the Arabic Union Catalog Center, Dr. Kamel Abduljaleel, the General Manager of Kuwait National Library, and a group of intellectuals and writers, the Kuwait Libraries Network Portal has been launched into the Arabic Union Catalog (AUC) on Monday evening, January 25, 2016. The Kuwait Knowledge Portal is the eighth one in the serial launching of countries' libraries portals into the AUC. King Abdul Aziz Public Library provides the complete support to the infrastructure of library and information field. Whereas, the library collects as much as possible of published and unpublished Arabic literature, from Arab and foreign libraries, benefiting from the AUC. All this literature is stored in a bibliographic database, exceeded 2 million records till now, according to international standards and norms and including more than 528 entities affiliated by thousands of libraries. This effort guarantees a permanent effectiveness of Arabic works, which serves our Arabic culture and humane civilization. Alongside the portal launching, Sheikh Salman told the journalists that launching the Kuwait Libraries Portal (KLP) and linking it to the AUC is considered an important step of the Arab cultural cooperation in the field of cataloging and books. He also added: the greatly generous support of our brothers in Saudi Arabia and King Abdul Aziz Public Library affirms the unity of cultural destiny and the importance of cultural exchange between Arab States to permanently support their citizens and youth in this critical phase the Arab world encounters. Moreover, he stated that the presence of this important portal, under the supervision of Kuwait National Library, will give the opportunity to researchers, intellectuals and all those who want to read the Arabic books, to have the simplest technological ways using the Internet. Furthermore, Sheikh Salman explained that this portal has been launched in a time we need a greater role of Arabic culture and to enlighten our generations and children. He wished all success and more expansion of the KLP in the specialized Kuwaiti libraries so as it can be linked to other Arabic libraries in the near future and, thus, it can be developed. On this occasion, Dr. Saleh Almusned, the General Director of the AUC Center, noted in his speech that the AUC is still providing the ideal model of the real cooperation between Arab States. He also added that the AUC is on a steady and supportive path of the Arabic culture and Islamic heritage, and forward-looking and the importance of the future in building humane knowledge we are sharing with other countries and, hence, we can serve the aspirations of our youth. In view of the importance of this issue, in its development and creation phase, and at the level of humane firstly and the level of place secondly, the AUC steps were consistent and accelerated thanks to concerted efforts so as the Arabic libraries and their staff attain the level of developed countries which were quick early to rise the value of libraries and count on them in supporting culture, dialogue, and scientific research.

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