AUC Visit to Sister Mauritania

AUC Visit to Sister Mauritania

Location : Mauritania

Start Date
13 July 2017

End Date
31 July 2017
AUC Visit to Sister Mauritania
The rule of Dr. Saleh Al-Missned / Director Thoracic nerves center official visit to Mauritania sister, in order to lose the great intellectual heritage Mauritanian official invitation of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Mauritanian Mr. Bakaa born Abdul Malik, who was part of the delegation which visited Mauritania Thoracic nerves Director Public Relations and Media Saleh al-Shammari. There has been talk d. Saleh Al-Missned and Minister of Higher Education Mr. Bakaa about creating Mauritanian libraries, which will be a great addition to the knowledge of the Mauritanian to include all the treasures of knowledge and culture in Mauritania and one gate is available through Thoracic nerves site for the information of the whole world gate. Dr. Saleh Al-Missned and clear that we are happy with our presence in our country is the second Mauritania and that brings us together with a lot of knowledge and human participants Bergalath a great country and we wish him the responsibility of the progress in all areas. He also said that Thoracic nerves are presented to Mauritania, but to serve and to create an infrastructure that will help to advance their knowledge, culture and rich heritage, was agreed to establish a Mauritanian knowledge gate. The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Fatima Fall girl Assoana which hosted the delegation in her office: "I am really happy that the index resides our and establish through cultural future large, and the fact that such a large project, which is a gift from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Arab and Islamic nation is noteworthy Fahkur, we Mauritanians appreciate all provided and very much look forward to the partnership and provide all contribute to the strengthening of relations between the two countries. " It is noteworthy that Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Mauritania, the delegation met with the luncheon, attended by members of the embassy, ​​stressing the importance of such visits that contribute to human help in the acquisition of knowledge and modern building through the book and thought the information. And lose Dr. Saleh to visit the most beautiful landmarks Mauritania and visited the Great Mosque, the National Library and several other ancient places in Mauritania.

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