AUC visit to Algeria

AUC visit to Algeria

Location : Algeria

Start Date
01 December 2014

End Date
25 December 2014
AUC visit to Algeria
On the sidelines of Thoracic nerves visit to Algeria in the framework of establishing a partnership with the University of Algiers and research center in the scientific and technical information about setting retaining the names of the authors and the Algerians on maintenance of these retaining files. Feet Thoracic nerves technical training course on the use of the index gate and take advantage of its services and technical procedures on the use of Mark 21 and menus retaining and training session was conducted in the Central Library Joan 22-23 days in 2014. As Dr. Saleh Al-Missned official visit of the Algerian National Library, where he met the Director-General and the Secretary General of the library to look at how to take advantage of the services provided, especially in the field of manuscripts and rare books that index.

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