AUC in the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information Conference

AUC in the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information Conference

Location : Saudi Arabia

Start Date
28 November 2014

End Date
30 November 2014
AUC in the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information Conference
AUC participate in the activities of the Twenty-fifth conference of the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information (I know (under the title of "quality performance standards in libraries and information centers, archives," which was held from October 28 to 30, 2014 in Hammamet, Tunisia- The conference began on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at nine in the morning until ten in the morning with verses from the Koran and then threw Dr. Khalid Al-Halabi, head of the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information, welcomed happily Dr. Murad Alskly Minister of Culture in Tunisia and thanked him for his patronage of the conference and the opening of his work, and noted that this conference called late great name Prof. Dr. Abdul Latif Sufi recognition or recognition, including his late Dr. of work and effort and the tender of the Union since 1986, the emergence of the Union until he passed away in 2014, then dropped Prof. Dr. Suad AlAtiqi her and welcomed all attendees, as Minister of Culture gave his opening speech of the conference. And then opened the exhibition at ten in the morning, and found Thoracic nerves wing strong turnout of visitors, where the influx of many attendees on the dedicated exhibition Unified Arab Index place and we got hundreds of gentlemen present contact the conference through the distribution of data (long) them cards the first day of the arrival of the General Coordinator of the members of Thoracic nerves (Yasmin Ali) on October 26, has also been attracting many important and joining the membership of Thoracic nerves libraries. It was included in the conference program on six scientific sessions distributed over the three days of the conference, and included the second plenary session of the intervention Thoracic nerves which was represented by the Director of the index Center Dr. Saleh Al-Missned, and expressed in his speech for the start of the launch of digital Arabic Library Project, said the Thoracic nerves is the infrastructure for the Arab Digital Library project, including its database contained about 2 million bibliographic records. And finished third and final day of the conference the last scientific sessions and a closing session in which he President of the Federation, Dr. Khalid Al-Halabi final statement of the conference and the proposed recommendations, and gave thanks to all members of the Organizing Committee of the Conference and the Republic of Tunisia for hosting all.

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