A training course for Sharjah Public Library

A training course for Sharjah Public Library

01 July 2017


In the context of a constant pursuit of keeping in touch with member libraries, supporting and helping them to optimally use the Arabic Union Catalog (AUC), and extremely benefit from their membership, the AUC held an online training course to the staff members of Sharjah Public Library on Monday, April 20 and Tuesday, April 21, 2015, in the presence of all the library staff members. The training course divided into two parts : First part : The AUC portal, all new search tools and capabilities were explained, as well as all services provided by the AUC and how the library staff can treat with the AUC interface. Second part : A detailed explanation to AUC search capabilities, downloading, original cataloging, and how the staff members of Sharjah Public Library can fully benefit from all of them, were introduced as well. Examples were given and all questions were answered. Presenter of this training course : Mrs. Yasmine Ali, General Coordinator of AUC Members. Sharjah Public Library paid all attention to this training course and showed all benefit from it. In this context, we would like to thank all staff members of Sharjah Public Library for their full response, their perfect and excellent consideration and their desire to hard work. We are introducing sincere greetings and appreciation to all of them. We promising you that we will keep providing training course, which services and helps member libraries to fulfill the extreme benefit from the AUC membership. We wish keeping in touch and using the AUC effectively !

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