Temporary hosting for catalogs


Overview :

    There are many libraries do not have private local system for a reason or another; e.g., the small size of the library or the shortage of funds. The AUC provides an optimal solution to these libraries by hosting their bibliographic records on the AUC database which; meanwhile, enables all patrons of these libraries to use their reference services. When these libraries acquire a private system, they can take all their corrected bibliographic records in MARC Format. But, before acquiring this private system, these libraries cannot download any bibliographic record.

    This service will enable libraries which do not have automated systems to create their own catalogs by providing their catalogers with all help tools of cataloging. Thus, these catalogers can freely carry out cataloging. At the same time, users of these libraries can benefit from searching and retrieving their collections.


Technical requirements :

  • Obtaining an AUC account.
  • Connecting to the Internet and using new version of an Internet browser.


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