Technical support services


Overview :

    The AUC is primarily a cooperative framework aims to promoting practices of Arabic libraries, quality of their bibliographic data, and coverage of all information resources available all over the Arabic World, which meets what Arabic readers and researches aspire to. To fulfill these goals, the AUC provides participated libraries by a set of technical support mechanisms consisted of bibliographic tools and experts in cataloging who are promptly answering all questions received from catalogers. These services also include organizing continuous training courses to help using the AUC perfectly and providing participated libraries with a permanent technical support. All of these services help developing catalogers' level in these libraries, which positively reflects on the quality of catalogs and, accordingly, elevates level of these services.


Technical requirements :

  • Obtaining an AUC account.
  • Connecting to the Internet and using new version of an Internet browser.
  • Microsoft Word and Acrobat Reader.



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