Original cataloging


Overview :

    It is the process of creating a bibliographic record according to MARC Format after verifying that the AUC database does not include it.

    A library which catalogs its collections in the AUC has the privilege of auditing and correcting its bibliographic records according to the standards of quality control applied in the AUC. This increases the quality of bibliographic records in the local catalog; thus, services presented to users are being enhanced. Also, the library can have a credit as per numbers of original bibliographic records it creates. This credit is counted for the library, which decreases the cost of AUC service.


Stages of accrediting a bibliographic record :

  1. Saving the bibliographic record after an automatic revision and corresponding it to MARC 21 and local standards used in the AUC. This is performed by checking the existence of obligatory fields and making sure that subfields and values of indicators are compatible with MARC. Finally, local data and errors detection in this level are verified, identified and presented in a list to the cataloger.
  2. During correcting errors, bibliographic records are initially saved in a temporary database to be passed through a mechanism of quality control inside the AUC so as to making sure that the bibliographic record is not duplicated and its content is right.
  3. An expert team with a wide experience manually reviews the bibliographic record according to :
  • The correctness of authority entries.
  • Conformity of standards (cataloging rules and MARC).
  • Accuracy of the classification number.
  1. Orthographic correction :

If an input is lost in the bibliographic record, the library is being notified to add specific data which it cannot be identified unless it refers to the actual resource. After the bibliographic record is being accredited, the library is being notified that the bibliographic record is now available at the AUC and the cataloger can download and save it in the local database.


 Technical requirements :

  • Obtaining an AUC account.
  • Connecting to the Internet and using new version of an Internet browser.


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