Details of membership


The available services :

    This subscription includes the following services :

· Original cataloging.

· Downloading cataloging records.

· Adding local data.

· Reference services.

· Services of technical support.


Terms of subscription :

    To be a member, a library must participate by its all catalogs in AUC and follows all procedures that are necessary to guarantee feeding the AUC by all new records added to its Arabic collections.

    Additionally, the scientific committee at the AUC reviews requests of membership to guarantee applying a highest level of both quality of records and matching with the international catalog standards. Thus, a library can be a member in the AUC.


Privileges :

    Members of the AUC have the following privileges :

· Having a full version of their catalogs they have shared with after correcting, enriching and controlling their authority entries.

· Counting every added record as an extra amount.


Additional services (launch soon) :

· Obtaining the authority file of subject headings of natural sciences, geographic names, uniform titles, personal names, and organizations and congresses names.

· Providing MARC records.

· Reclassification.

· Promoting MARC records.

· Comparing collections.