Facts about the Arabic Union Catalog


    Dear visitor, Peace be upon you.

In order to clarifying the whole image to all visitors of the AUC, you will find a number of answers to the most spontaneous questions that come to mind :


    What are the aims of adopting the Arabic Union Catalog by King Abdul Aziz Public Library?

The aim of adopting the Arabic Union Catalog by King Abdul Aziz Public Library is to develop Arabic libraries infrastructure by finding a bibliographic database and authority files based on the latest international standards.


    Why is the Arabic Union Catalog so different from any previous initiatives?

The Arab Union Catalog is different from previous initiatives which did not succeed because it depends on organizational infrastructure rather than other individual or/and personal one.

    In addition, the AUC has the right scientific planning and the accurate implementation, which guarantees high quality of products and developing and enhancing them.


    What are the roles of member libraries in the Arabic Union Catalog?

The Arab Union Catalog enables member libraries to download bibliographic and authority records; as well as the direct cataloging on the AUC database, and modifying and enriching bibliographic records located on the database.


    Is the Arabic Union Catalog for profit?

The Arabic Union Catalog is non-profit organization. What will be collected from the fees will be invested in developing, improving and adding new services.


    What are services offered to member libraries?

  • Services offered to member libraries are:
  • Original Cataloging.
  • Downloading Records.
  • Adding Local Data.
  • Reference Services.
  • Technical Support Services.


    Does the Arabic Union Catalog offers to-order services?

Yes, orders are studied and the Arabic Union Catalog flexibly meets all kinds of these orders with added cost.


 What are incentives offered to member libraries?

  1. The Arabic Union Catalog is freely processing all records of the joint library based on the AUC techniques or matching records of member libraries to the AUC records; hence, the member library receives a copy of its records located in the AUC.
  2. Subscription is free of charge till the end of 2015.


How much does it cost to subscribe to the Arabic Union Catalog services?

Annual subscription

(in SAR)

Numbers of users

Size of the bibliographic amount



Less than 10000 titles



From 10000 to 25000 titles



From 25000 to 75000 titles



More than 75000 titles