Providing complete authority files


Overview :

    For the first time in the Arab World, authority files can be prepared in an electronic format which is compatible with standards of exchanging electronic data. Entries of all files were formatted according to codes published by the AUC. These codes sum up the Arabic experiment which most of it was individual efforts. Also, these codes have benefited from experiments and codes of the largest international libraries, especially practices of Library of Congress.

    These codes reflect the bibliographic reality of Arabic information resources, consider characteristics of Arabic, and benefit from the oldest international experiments of authority practices. A clear policy has been set to periodically update these codes, which enables libraries to create complete authority files inside their local database. Consequently, the bibliographic quality control of the database can be enhanced.


Files available for acquisition :

Subject file :

includes the following lists:

  • Subjects and geographical names, 250.000 bibliographic records.
  • Uniform titles. 30.000 bibliographic records.

Authors files :

includes the following lists :

  • Personal names, 400.000 bibliographic records.
  • Organizations and meetings names, 70.000 bibliographic records.


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