• The AUC training program 2017 has been successfully concluded

    The training program of the Arabic Union Catalog (AUC), for the year of 2017, has been successfully concluded today. The AUC training program offered some significant topics on Library and Information Science, and included 17 training courses attended by over 500 trainees. These topics contained some technical subjects, e.g., RDA rules and how to apply them in the bibliographic and authority sides lire les détails plus de nouvelles
  • AUC Participation in the International Forum on Public Libraries and Change Management

    The Arabic Union Catalog (AUC) participated in the International Forum on "Public Libraries and Change Management", in Tunisia, from 24-27 January 2018. On the sidelines of the forum, the AUC held a training course on "cataloging the printed materials according to RDA rules and MARC format", from 22-23 January 2018. lire les détails plus de nouvelles
  • AUC Launches the 2018 training program

    The Arabic Union Catalog (AUC) has committed itself, since the first launching, to let the mission of training and developing the librarians be a multidimensional and multi-objective mechanism. This, surely, positively impacts the general performance of the AUC, elevates the AUC efficiency in all aspects, and advantageously influences the performance of the Arabic libraries of the AUC members. lire les détails plus de nouvelles



AUC at National seventeenth Conference of the Egyptian Society
AUC participated in the Seventeenth National Congress of the Egyptian Society for libraries and information under the heading "transition to a knowledge-based society in libraries and... Voir »
AUC in the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information Conference
The Thoracic nerves participate in the activities of the Twenty-fifth conference of the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information (I know (under the title of "quality performance standards... Voir »

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AUC technical practices about RDA rules (1)
The RDA bases philosophy on display to the rules and practical applications for the class of information sources, has RDA rules imposed some of the principles that should be adhered to in the... Voir »
Interfaces and search capabilities at AUC
Find interfaces represent a modern designed according to international standards in the field of information services a unified Arab Index database, where there has been a difficult equation to... Voir »
Service de Délivrance
AUC have launched a new service which is "Asaddarati service" is directed publishers to put their publications on the latest Thoracic nerves gate records The service aims to enable... Voir »
Description copies of the sources & availability of "RDA"
A continuation of a series of instructions and basic instruction in the description of embodiments, copying properties, which we dealt with them in the past month, "changes that require a new... Voir »

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